Terramax GOLD Compactor

The PANTER compactors follow a North American concept, presenting a single row of aligned tines with the objective of not removing the surface layer of the soil, in other words, it has the ability to preserve the straw practically intact, an essential characteristic for direct sowing.

The imported tines are made of high-strength steel to resist stress and wear, unique on the market with a pantograph system capable of copying the soil independently of the chassis inclination, another advantage is that each tine has two springs that exert 4,000 kg of pressure capable of disarming and rearming the tine automatically without the need to stop the implement, raise or reverse.

The tines are positioned vertically equipped with a cutting knife that protects the tine from wear and a tip to break the lower layer of the soil between the tines, it also has the characteristic of not bringing the soil from the lower layer to the upper layer.

Available in third-point or trailed version.

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